Caldera demonstration unit installed for first time in UK home

Heat battery specialists Caldera have installed their first WarmstoneTM heat battery in a UK home. 

Their 100kWh Warmstone heat battery has been connected directly into the ‘wet’ heating system of a large 19th century four-bedroom Hampshire family home – where it is powering the underfloor heating, radiators and hot water cylinder.

Commenting on the installation, company CEO James Macnaghten says:

“Decarbonising heat for our homes is one of the biggest challenges we face in moving to a zero-carbon world.

“This first project demonstrates what our technology can achieve – in what is typically a hard to heat home.

“Our Warmstone unit is charged directly from the electricity grid using a low-cost time of day green energy tariff.

“This enables the homeowner to bank up green heat when it is cheap, and use it when required, Macnaghten says.

The unit is a direct replacement for the LPG system that previously heated the home, although the initial system has been fitted in tandem leaving the LPG system in place at the early ‘beta testing’ stage.

The system was fitted by the homeowner’s plumber and electrician, neither of whom required any additional training before fitting the unit.

“We believe our Warmstone heat battery is a straightforward and affordable replacement for oil and LPG in off gas-grid properties that are hard to insulate and are not suited to a heat pump,” Macnaghten says.

The company plans to roll out a number of pilot projects throughout 2021 prior to installing their first commercially available units in 2022.