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    To register your interest in our product, please complete the form by clicking the button below. We are early stage so looking to take firm orders in 2022.

    We will compile our list of registered interest and use it to contact you again when we have completed our fundraising as well as established our production capacity.

    The next step would be an email/telephone call to establish your electricity provider and available electrical supply (max current) to the home.

    Are you on gas mains?

    We will register your interest, but due to the low price of gas, switching to electric with storage will increase your bills due to the low cost of gas. We will certainly record your interest if you are keen to reduce your carbon footprint or if the costs of these fuels change in the future.

    What type of fuel are you using for your heating and hot water?

    When was your house built?

    How would you describe your home insulation?

    What type of property?

    Do you have a smart meter?

    How did you hear about Caldera?

    Contact Details