Sustainable Innovation Fund grant for Warmstone Heat Battery

We are very pleased to have been awarded a Sustainable Innovation Fund grant by Innovate UK to support the development of our Warmstone Heat Battery.

Caldera is a heat storage company looking to decarbonise the economy by solving grid scale problems. The UK government is looking to tackle the economic impact of Covid-19 by ‘building back better’ a green economy that will deliver directly on the government’s Clean Growth Strategy and net zero carbon ambition.

Caldera has developed a Warmstone Heat Battery which takes renewable electricity from the grid and converts it into heat which is stored within the unit until the consumer wants heating or hot water. The Warmstone technology will increase the amount of renewable energy that can be productively used, which in turn keeps down the cost of renewable energy. To bring this technology a step closer to reality, the unit needs to be developed to a point where it is safe to deploy and test in a domestic home.

The Warmstone Heat Battery has an innovative core inside that is trademarked as “Warmstone” Technology. The Warmstone technology is a low cost storage media that is able to absorb renewable electricity and store the equivalent energy for a 4 bedroom home to cover a 24 hour period on the coldest winter day or seven days of hot water in the summer. The energy is retained with 5-10% losses per day with an efficient insulation strategy.