A zero carbon solution for the future
We are the makers of Warmstone™, the world’s most efficient and technologically advanced zero carbon heat battery for household use.

Warmstone is the key component of our Zero Carbon Boiler.

Allied with the latest smart grid technology, home owners automatically recharge their Warmstone unit when renewable electricity costs are low, reducing overall costs.

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Our Clean Cooker uses a Warmstone heat battery charged from solar PV panels.

The cooker contributes to reducing deforestation and CO2 emissions by removing demand for firewood and charcoal fuels, and also reduces illness and deaths from cooking smoke inhalation.

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Our vision is to help UK homes to decarbonise the energy used for heating by storing renewable energy for later use.

In 2019, the UK government announced a new target that will require the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. In order to hit the 2050 targets, it is essential that heating and hot water systems are decarbonised.

To achieve this and to create a more prosperous world for future generations, the UK needs to urgently move away from using fossil fuels in its homes. The safest, most affordable and reliable way is to create heat using renewable electricity.

Solar and wind power are now the cheapest forms of electricity generation, but the issue is that they are unpredictable. Our Zero Carbon Boiler can easily smooth the peaks and troughs of wind and solar production to match demand, making it one of the key solutions for the decarbonisation of heating systems.