Zero carbon industrial heat

Caldera transforms intermittent solar power into reliable industrial heat, enabling manufacturers to sustain production, cut carbon emissions, and stabilize energy expenses.

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For industrial users

Caldera delivers a comprehensive system that includes on-site solar, energy storage, and process heat—available as steam or hot water. Our turnkey solutions are designed for durability and ease of integration, offering a practical path to achieving your sustainability goals.

For solar developers

Caldera enables the deployment of behind-the-meter solar at a previously unattainable scale. By offering a combined solution for heat and electricity you can develop larger projects for a wider range of clients. This can be achieved without the cost and delays of grid connection upgrades, as power can be directly converted to heat.

Tackling key challenges

Caldera’s solar and storage solutions effectively tackle a range of interconnected global issues.

Industrial Emissions
20% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from making industrial heat.
Economic Viability
Current energy storage solutions do not match the cost-effectiveness of fossil fuels.
Dependable Heat
Intermittent renewables struggle to provide on demand heat for manufacturing.
Grid Congestion
Power from solar is very affordable, but grid congestion hinders rapid deployment.

Meet the team

Get to know the faces behind the innovation. Explore the diverse talents and personalities that drive our team’s success.

Get in touch

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