A Comprehensive Solution for Anytime Green Heat

Caldera’s Storage Boilers provide cost-effective, on-demand heat for industrial applications. While they can tap into grid electricity, our primary focus is on utilizing affordable, nearby solar power. This approach helps companies decarbonise, while achieving lower and more predictable energy costs for decades to come.

Modular & Configurable

The Caldera system stores energy until it is needed, making it useful for a wide range of industrial processes that need either constant or intermittent heat.

The system’s modular design allows for customisable storage, charging, and discharging power to suit specific requirements. This flexibility makes Storage Boilers suitable for various industries and site sizes.

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Steam up to 16 bar
Water up to 204°C
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Thermal oil up to 204°C
fan-20 1
Hot air up to 204°C


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Food processing
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Heat networks

Retrofit Ready

The Storage Boiler is designed to integrate with your existing boiler setup. This allows a smooth transition to cleaner, renewable energy sources while minimising operational disruption.

Electrified heat produced from a Storage Boiler benefits from greater efficiency than a typical fossil fuel system, amplifying the carbon saving from each unit of energy switched over.

Works with Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are effective for achieving moderate temperatures up to 90°C or for incremental temperature increases, such as from 150°C to 170°C. However, their range is limited. Storage Boilers can complement heat pumps in a holistic system design by providing the capability to heat a fluid from 0°C to 250°C.

Solar Synergies

The cost of solar panels has fallen dramatically, making them an increasingly economic source of power. When the sun rises, the Caldera system can immediately convert electricity to heat. Later in the day, when generation outstrips demand, the excess energy can be stored for use at night.

Many sites have the potential to go beyond rooftop solar. By leasing land, such as unused fields from farmers, and implementing a ‘private wire’ connection, you can install renewables solar array as far as 2km away from your facility. Most of the energy generated will be used to provide heat, but the large solar array is also a good source of year-round electricity for the site. This approach cuts both electricity and gas bills.

Local distribution grids often limit the amount of solar that can be connected, and expanding the connection is unaffordable or impossible. Caldera’s technology allows for an unlimited amount of solar to be fitted. If local wind energy is available or if lower-cost electricity can be tapped from the grid, these can also power the Caldera system.

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