Thermal storage for industry

Caldera container

Caldera's next innovation

A new thermal storage product for industrial applications is currently in development. Based on Caldera’s existing Warmstone heat battery, this containerised product uses renewable electricity whenever it is available, then stores the energy until it is needed to provide high-pressure steam. The product will integrate easily into existing steam networks, reducing or removing reliance on existing fossil fuel steam boilers and accumulators.

Each unit provides 1.4MWh of storage, and can be combined to deliver as much capacity as needed. There is also potential to use the stored energy for oil-based systems or space heating.

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Food Processing


Exploit renewables

Electricity can come from the grid, particularly at night when lower cost and lower carbon supplies are available. However, the strongest businesses case will tend to be for sites that can make use of on-site or nearby solar PV or wind generation. Using these power sources makes it possible to secure energy at a fixed cost, reducing exposure to costly and uncertain fuel prices.

Inherently safe

Industrial steam boilers and steam accumulators store large quantities of superheated water, which brings significant cost and safety implications. This leads to a requirement for continuous manning and detailed annual inspection. By contrast, Caldera's system has only a small quantity of water and no combustion, improving on safety and staff costs.