Applications across industries

The Caldera System stores energy until it is needed, making it useful for a wide range of industrial processes that need either constant or intermittent heat. Whether you require hot water or steam at up to 10 bar, our modular system can be tailored to fit the process.


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Steam & more

The core of Caldera’s heat cells cycle between 500°C when full and ~250°C when empty. This means the optimal temperature range to output is up to ~200°C. In practice this makes the technology ideal for processes that require steam up to 10bar, thermal oil up to 200°C or high temperature hot water up to 150°C.

Hybrid ready

The Caldera System is designed for a hybrid installation that seamlessly integrates with your existing boiler setup. This facilitates a smooth transition to cleaner, renewable energy sources while minimizing operational disruption. Our system not only reduces your reliance on grid electricity and imported fuel but also operates at a higher efficiency than most conventional boilers. As the cost of renewable electricity from the grid declines, the opportunity will arise to completely phase out your gas boiler.

Beyond rooftop solar

Many industrial sites often feel constrained by the limited space available for solar installations, particularly when the focus is on rooftop arrays. However, there’s a broader scope for tapping into solar energy that goes beyond immediate premises. By leasing land— such as unused fields from farmers—and implementing a ‘private wire’ connection, you can expand your solar array up to 2km away from your facility. This approach not only overcomes spatial limitations but also significantly increases your capacity to harness low- cost, renewable energy for heat generation and other needs.

Works with heat pumps

Heat pumps are a valuable part of the renewable energy landscape, particularly when it comes to achieving moderate temperature up to 90°C or incremental temperature increases, such as from 150°C to 170°C. However, their range is limited. The Caldera System complements heat pumps by offering a broader temperature spectrum, capable of elevating a fluid from 0°C all the way up to 250°C. By incorporating both technologies into a comprehensive system design, you can cover a wider range of thermal needs with greater efficiency and flexibility. This synergy allows for a more effective and sustainable approach to meeting varied industrial heat requirements.

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