Enhancing Solar Project Scale with Caldera

Caldera serves as an OEM supplier of electric storage boilers designed to augment solar energy projects. These enable solar developers to increase the size of behind the meter arrays, avoid grid constraints, and increase differentiation. We also offer services to support specification and system design, and to ensure seamless project execution.

Seamless Equipment Integration

Caldera’s storage boilers are designed to complement and integrate with existing solar PV technology. This enables solar developers to provide a more comprehensive electricity-plus-heat solution to their customers.

Overcome Grid Limitations

Lack of grid connection capacity, or the cost and time required for an upgrade, often act as an obstacle to fitting the largest solar array possible and maximising the percentage of a site’s energy needs that can be met from solar. Caldera’s system allows you to install a solar array significantly larger than the grid connection. There may also be circumstances where we can go further and create an island microgrid for the solar and heat storage, with only a limited tie to the main AC grid to create a physical limit on export.

Increased Project Scale & Scope

With Caldera, you’re not just installing solar panels; you’re creating a holistic energy solution for your clients that includes on-demand heat. The energy required for heat on most industrial sites is several times the electricity demand, so this wholistic approach can significantly boost the size of your projects, making them more lucrative and impactful.

Customer Retention and Expansion

The Caldera storage boiler system is ideal for retrofit, offering you the opportunity to approach existing customers with an upgraded service. This not only fosters customer retention but can also pave the way for expanding solar arrays with existing clients.

Expert Support Services

Caldera offers support services that cover the understanding of customer heat loads and system specification. From the initial assessment to system deployment, our team provides the required expertise for successful project execution.

Incorporate Caldera’s technology into your portfolio to navigate grid limitations, expand project sizes, and unlock new opportunities with existing customers.