Krish Chana

Dr Krishan Chana is our Chief Technology Officer and leads the engineering team. He develops our existing products as well as exciting new product portfolios and works closely with our partners, including Myenergi. His role is to meet the current and future commercial and technical needs of our business and customers. He is energised being at the coalface of innovation, where theory meets practice. He is equally passionate about decarbonisation. Previously, Krish has been part of several technology development teams, as well as consulting on analytical projects such as the modelling of carbon emissions and optimisation of investment strategies.

Krish received his degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford, and his PhD from the University of Cambridge. His work has received numerous awards including the Lubbock Memorial Trust Prize for innovation in thermofluids and the Cambridge Helios Prize, for his contribution to research in sustainable energy and energy efficiency. When Krish is not working, he enjoys DIY or writing investment strategy software programmes.