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Samuel Schoen

Samuel Schoen is one of our Mechanical Engineers who also plays a key role in managing Caldera’s intellectual property. After graduating 1st class from Brunel University with a Master’s degree in Aviation Engineering (MEng), he started his career designing & prototyping flapping-wing systems for drones, where he successfully overcame the difficulties of engineering such complex systems. This was followed by a period of training as a patent attorney in London, where he gained invaluable insights in the field of intellectual property. Realising the potential in thermal energy storage and inspired by Caldera’s mission, Samuel joined our team to make a real impact on global decarbonisation efforts. As manufacturing and IP often go hand-in-hand, Samuel’s in-depth expertise & skills in both tackling complex engineering challenges and managing intellectual property have since made him an invaluable addition to our team.

Outside of work, Samuel enjoys being out in nature, especially scuba diving, in which he holds both deep-dive and drysuit qualifications.