Warmstone Heat Battery

Our Warmstone Heat Battery has sufficient power and energy to heat your home and provide hot water with the same level of comfort and convenience as an existing oil or gas boiler.

How our system works

Warmstone is a patented breakthrough in thermal storage that uses a combination of recycled and natural materials. Warmstone is non-flammable, non-toxic and safe to use in your home. Warmstone supports the circular economy as it is 100% recyclable at end of life.

Our Heat Battery consists of a block of Warmstone that is heated by electrical elements that are similar to those used in your oven or kettle. Heat is discharged via a heat exchanger to produce hot water.

Using highly efficient insulation results in over 90% of the energy being recoverable as heat for your home.


Warmstone Heat Battery

The heat battery is located externally or in a garage, preferably near to the current boiler location.

It weighs 1.7 tonnes and holds enough energy to heat a standard home for 24 hours in winter.

Charging is achieved with electric resistance heaters to store the energy as heat, which can be supplied to your home on demand.

We use high quality insulation to minimise losses with a target of less than 10% energy lost over the year.

Simple to install, simple to use.

Our Warmstone Heat Battery replaces the boiler in your home, with the same functionality. It delivers the same level of thermal power (30kW) and comfort as your existing boiler and can be installed as a straight boiler ‘swap out’.

Installation can be carried out by your existing plumber without having to upgrade the radiators or change the piping runs within your home.

Journey to Zero Carbon:

Renewable electricity has significantly depressed wholesale electricity pricing in the first 6 months of 2020 while lowering the carbon intensity of electricity to just 165g CO2/kWh. This compares against heating oil (320g CO2/kWh) or natural gas (210g CO2/kWh). A carbon intensity of 34g CO2/kWh was achieved on the UK grid on 23rd May 2020. Most importantly low electricity prices always tend to occur when the electricity is also low carbon.

Our Warmstone Heat Battery can move heating and hot water demand to match the periods when renewables are generating (which means low carbon and low prices). This supports the roll out of renewables by providing essential flexible demand and balancing services to the grid. It also means that the carbon intensity of the electricity used to provide heat will approach zero over time.