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With the rapid rise in electric vehicles, there is a growing glut of aluminium engine blocks – and few new users for the low-grade alloy. Now British startup Caldera has

A ground-breaking British invention could help industry slash energy bills by 45% and radically reduce CO2.   Read more at Fuel Oil News

In today’s episode of the Climate Confident podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with James Macnaghten, the CEO of Caldera, to dive deep into the game-changing world of energy storage. What’s special about Caldera, you ask? They’re not

Caldera are on the latest Modo Energy podcast. Accounting for 20 percent of global energy consumption, industrial heat is a massive area in need of decarbonization. Covering everything from pasteurisation to steel manufacturing, there are countless businesses that will need

Caldera are in the latest Beta Talk podcast. In the first episode of a new season Nathan chats to James Macnaghten, CEO of Caldera. Caldera manufacture and supply thermal storage solutions for industrial heat processes. Listen at Beta Talk    

Caldera are on the latest Sky News Climate Show. Tom Heap visits a company designing and building heat batteries, an innovative way of storing renewable energy. #heatbatteries #skynews Watch on the Sky News Youtube channel

Caldera are on the latest Sky News Climatecast podcast. Two components – available cheap renewable energy and a rechargeable heat battery – are needed to ease the climate impact of heat in the UK. And now, a growing company based

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Caldera have been featured again in Build in Digital. Labour’s shadow minister for energy security paid a visit to a Hampshire start-up that aims to change the way in which industry generates and stores heat. Dr Alan Whitehead MP visited

Caldera have been featured in the Southern Daily Echo. A Southampton MP visited a start-up company that aims to change the way in which industry generates and stores heat. Alan Whitehead toured the Fareham premises of Caldera. which has developed

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Caldera have once again been featured in Process Industry Match. Heat storage specialist Caldera has engaged the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) to design a heat cell gigafactory to mass manufacture its unique low carbon heat storage system at scale. The