Andy Joynson

Andy Joynson, our Industrial Business Development Director, is responsible for engaging in conversations about our solutions with manufacturers interested in achieving net zero. After obtaining his Master’s degree in Engineering from Loughborough University, he’s gained 30+ years of experience in Director of Operations and Director of Supply Chain roles at various manufacturing firms.

During his time with PepsiCo, Andy built a virtual knowledge and best practice organisation serving 20+ factories and 12,000+ people. As head of a team of 4,500 people at Morrisons, he introduced best manufacturing practices to the operations of the fresh produce division, resulting in higher availability, fresher products and less waste. And most recently, as an avid proponent of decarbonisation and as site director at innocent drinks, he led the design, build and start-up launch of their first fully carbon neutral €230 million factory, “the blender”.

Sharing our passion for innovative climate solutions, it seemed like the natural choice for Andy to join Caldera’s team in early 2023. Equipped with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, as well as an expertise in manufacturing and operations, Andy enjoys the challenge of empowering our partners on their journey to net zero.

Outside work, Andy has been spearheading a rewilding project at his family’s property for several years. His commitment has led to about 2,000 trees planted, lots of lazy dams in the stream, a wildflower pasture, and a growing level of biodiversity.